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Description :Swan Crystal Wine Glass Wine Decanter Artificial Blowing Manual Cold Cut Lead-free Crystal Wine Bottle Pourer 1200ml Swan Style Harp Shape Transparent Wine Decanter 
-Made from high quality lead-free crystal glass, sounds wonderful when knocking.
-Each of these mannual made, mouth-blown and lead-free crystal glass decanter has its own unique charm.Can not be a decanter, but also an ornament of your romantic dinner.
-The wine is poured into the decanter through the larger opening where it is then given time to aerate prior to being poured into a glass from the narrower opening.
-The best wine decanter for your Valentine’s Dinner. Can't agree more.

-Made from high quality lead-free crystal glass for lightweight and durable design.
-1200ml high-capacity, easy to contain red and white wine pourer.
-Aerates wine as it is poured, to bring out its rich aroma and taste.
-Classy decorative shape that can make a lovely ornament for wedding tables.

Specification :
Material  Lead-free Crystal Glass
Color  Transparent
Capasity 1200ml
Weight 1200g
Size  30 X 18.5 X 13cm

Package Includes :1 x Wine Decanter

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