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Description :Woodpecker Instant Wine Aerator Decanter Quick Red Wine Decanting Aerating Pourer    

KCASA KC-QD737 woodpecker instant wine aerator has best elegant design with a stylish appearance that will
enhance your drinking experience, following the Bernoulli principle to entrain air into the wine as you pour it from the bottle.You will enjoy direct aerated wine from bottle to glass, no more waiting for your wine to air. Experience your wine to
its fullest potential this aerator will accelerate the aeration process.KCASA KC-QD737 woodpecker instant wine aerator comes with an elegant gift box, guaranteed to impressany wine lover
and connoisseur. It's a perfect gift for your family, friends or for any housewarming, birthday, ,anniversary, wedding party etc..

Feature :

Enhancing taste within seconds, it follows the Bernoulli principle to entrain air into the wine as you pour it from the bottle.
Wine aerator fits to any wine bottle to create a leak free seal and the slanted design ensures drip free pouring.
This wine decanter is also easy to clean, simply hand washing and air-dry ready for its next use.
With elegant and stylish design, the wine aerator is perfect gift for any occasion.

Specification :

Material : Acrylic
Color : Transparent
Style : 

Package Includes : 

1 x 
KCASA KC-QD737 Woodpecker Instant Wine Aerator 
Come with original gift package.


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