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Description : KC-KS03 3 Stage Professional Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener Diamond Coated Sharpening Wheel 

Polish your knives to surgical sharpness with the manual 3 stage design, a diamond wheel slot for extremely dull or damaged knives, a coarse tungsten steel wheel slot to sharpen knives to perfection and a fine ceramic slot eliminates the burrs, polish edges.
Beginning the sharpening process with ceramic slot through 3-5 pulls, and then continues sharpening with coarse slot through 3-5 times, completes the process with an extra-fine grit through 2-4 times to polish and finish the edges and remove burrs.
The stainless steel plate features a no-skid rubber base to prevent slippage during use. The knife sharpener attaches firmly to your countertop, holding it much more steadily than other inferior knife sharpeners. 

Specification :T
Material : Diamond + Ceramic + Stainless Steel + Plastic
Color : Black
Size : 17.8 x 5 x 4.5 cm

Package Includes :

1 x KC-KS03 Knife Sharpener


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