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Description:KC-KF6 5 Pieces Black Blade Ceramic Knife With Holder Multi-function Chef Knife Peeler Slicer

KC-KF6 ceramic knife set comes with brand new ergonomic design, non-rust, non-toxic and without heavy metal ions.
Made from nanostructured zirconia material. Durable and sharp, modern and eco-friendly.The ceramic knife is typically half the weight of stainless steel knives, help you deal with the most difficult tasks of cutting with ease. 
Our ergonomic design also produce the handles a well-balanced, giving you a perfect using experience. 
The fact that ceramic knives do not absorb any food elements, allows just a quick rinse and wipe with a kitchen towel. We made it for a delicate modern kitchen, so you can enjoy its comfortable ergonomic handle and sharp blade.
KC-KF6 ceramic knife set will reach you in 5 pieces high-quality kitchen knives, they'll be good helpers for your kitchen.

Feature:Made from ceramic, durable and sharp.
Half the weight of stainless steel knives,more easy to use.
Well-balabced handles, give you a perfect using experience.
Don't absorb any food elements, easy to clean.
Multi-function ceramic knives, meet your various needs.


Material: Nanostructured zirconia
Color: Black
Size: Chef knife:27.8cm
Slicing knife:24.3cm
Fruit slicer:20.5cm
Fruit paring knife:18.1cm

Package Includes:

1 x KCASA KC-KF6 Chef Knife
1 x KCASA KC-KF6 Slicing Knife
1 x KCASA KC-KF6 Fruit Slicer
1 x KCASA KC-KF6 Fruit Paring Knife
1 x KCASA KC-KF6 Peeler
1 x Holder
 (Comes with original gift package)

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