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Description :KCASA KC-FS04 Gold Flower Shape Stainless Steel Coffee Sugar Spoon Teaspoons Ice Cream Tableware

The perfect gift for those who like to take sugars in their tea and Coffee.
Easy to clean, just need you clean water.
Nice looking with an elegant design. four kinds of different flower type : sakura, rose, sun flower, sunflower, pansy, 
platycodon grandiflorum, coreopsis, plum blossom.
A good helper of coffee tea Cake Sugar Dessert Ice Cream.

Specification : 

Material : Stainless Steel
Color : Gold
Style : 
A for Coreopsis, B for Plum Blossom, C for Pansy, D for Sun Flower, E for Platycodon Grandiflorum
      F for Sunflower, G for Rose, H for Sakura
Length : 12.3 cm

Package Includes : 

1 x KC-FS04 Flower Shape Coffee Spoon


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