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KC-CF007 Black Ceramic Knife Sets Kitchen Cutlery Rust Proof Chef Knife Slicer Peeler Cutter 

KCASA KC-CF007 Black Ceramic Knife set is made of nanostructured zirconia, rust-proof, stain-proof, germ-resistant,
hygiene and never corrodes, which keeps you away from germ and bacteria.

It is almost as hard as diamond, super sharp and hardly wears. It works best for slicing boneless meats, fruits and vegetables.
This knifet is typically half weight of the metal knife.
Highly controlled grip and ergonomic arched handle provides unique
support for maximum performance.

The fact that ceramic knives can keep the original taste, smell and color of your food, also, maintain the food's freshness and nutrition.

Ceramic does not absorb any food element and allows just a quick rinse and wipe with a kitchen towel, which is resistance to oils
and acids and won't leave any taste or strange smell on the blade. 

Feature :

Germ-resistant : Supprort
Hygiene : Supprort
Lightweight : Supprort
Ultra Sharp : Supprort
Stain-Proof : Supprort
Never Rusts : Supprort
Never Wears : Supprort
Never Corrodes : Supprort
Easy To Clean : Supprort
Ergonomic Designs : Supprort
No Chemical Leakage : Supprort
Leaves No Aftertaste : Supprort
No Browning Or Oxidizing Food : Supprort
Impervious To Acids, Oils And Odour : Supprort

Specification :

Type :  KCASA
Material : Nanostructured zirconia
Color : Black
Size : Chef knife : 27 cm
Slicing knife : 24 cm
Fruit slicer : 21 cm
Fruit paring knife : 18.5 cm
Peeler : 13.0 cm

Package Includes :AS YOU CHOOSE

1 x KCASA KC-CF007 3'' Black Ceramic Knife In Stock
1 x KCASA KC-CF007 4'' Black Ceramic Knife In Stock
1 x KCASA KC-CF007 5'' Black Ceramic Knife In Stock
1 x KCASA KC-CF007 6'' Black Ceramic Knife Out of Stock
1 x KCASA KC-CF007 Black Ceramic Peeler In Stock
1 x KCASA KC-CF007 Black Ceramic Knife Set In Stock

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