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Description :1000mL Glass Cold Iced Drip Brew Home Coffee Maker Pot Pour Over Coffee Maker 

-Made of high quality glass, high temperature resistant.
-Easy for use, easy to clean.
-Perfect for brewing coffee.

Specification :

Model kn-35240
Material  AS ( Acrylonitrile-styrene Copolymer)
Glass Pot Heat-resistant Glass
Color  Clear
Weight  404g
Size  32.5 x 12.3cm / 12.8” x 4.8”
Capacity 1000ml

Use Instructions:

Step 1. Pour coffee powder into the filter, rams of coffee powder.
Step 2. Use old water to soak the coffee powder.
Step 3. Cover a layer of filter paper on the coffee powder to make the water droplets more uniform.
Step 4. Close the filter valve regulator before pouring water and ice cubes.
Step 5. Pour ice cubes and water.
Step 6. Adjust the filter regulator valve.
Step 7. Cover the lid.
Step 8.After the end of the filter, remove the water drop component

Package Includes :

1 x 1000ml Glass Pot
1 x Ice Cube Filter Cup
1 x Filter


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