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Description :1 Mould And 13 Style Flower Stamps 150g Round Moon Cake Baking Mold Hand Pressure Decor 

- Food grade material, non toxic.
- Non sticky, odorless, easy for cleaning.
- The mold adopts one forming, more durable.
- Aesthetic and clear appearance, easy to release.
- 13 pcs flower stamps and clear pressed pattern for your creative cake making.
- Suitable for making the Chinese traditional festival moon cakes and other pastries.

Specification :

Material  Food Grade Plastic
Color  White
Mold Height 16cm / 6.30'' (appr.)
Stamp Diameter 7.8cm / 3.07'' (appr.)
Finished Moon Cake Weight 150g (appr.)

Usage :

Step 1 : A model of a peach pattern is placed in a die, and it is aligned with the top of the die.
Step 2 : The rotating handle is rotated to the model port of the peach pattern to the concave convex.
Step 3 : Press the handle to complete the molding.

Warm Reminder :

Do not soak the mold in boiling water.
Do not put the molds in oven or microwave oven.
Do not treat the mold as toys to bite in children's mouths.

Package Includes :1 x Moon Cake Mold 
13 x Stamps


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